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Prescription Charges

There is a standard charge for prescriptions that your doctor may issue.  This is currently £8.40 per item prescribed. However there are some exemptions from this charge. Also it is possible to buy a pre-payment certificate which may save money if you need many prescriptions. There are more details of this here. There is an occasional medicine where we can only prescribe as a private prescription (e.g. prophylactic medication for malaria) in which case you need to pay the pharmacist the full cost of the medicine.

Note that we aim to prescribe medicines in line with local and national guidelines. Some medicines that might be recommended by private doctors or by doctors in other countries may not be available as an NHS prescription in the UK (or not available at all). We can discuss this with you to consider options that might be available.

Repeat Prescriptions

If you are on regular NHS prescriptions you can arrange for repeats to be issued in the following ways.

At the practice – you can bring in the right hand side of the prescription that you were previously issued (which will have a list of regular medications) to the practice. Tick those that you require. You can then return after two working days to collect your prescription from reception.

On-line – To access this service a PIN number needs to be obtained from reception. A valid identification document will need to be shown before this can be issued.

Online Access Form

At the community pharmacy – many pharmacies offer a service whereby they will obtain your repeat prescriptions on your behalf.

All repeat prescriptions require a periodic review. The date for this is printed on your repeat prescription.  Please ensure that you arrange an appointment for a review before this date.  (Note that not all regular medicines are appropriate for repeat prescriptions as they may need close monitoring by a doctor.)