Student Information

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Students are warmly welcomed to register with us regardless of your postcode or whether you have an NHS number. The online form only takes a few minutes to complete. Make sure you tell us your term-time address and always include an up-to-date telephone number

Book an appointment

Once you are registered you will be able to book an appointment online or by calling our reception.

Types of appointments

When making an appointment, reception staff will ask you the nature of the problem and some simple questions. This is so they can direct you to the most appropriate professional or service. Receptionists do not make clinical decisions, but when a patient presents with symptoms that could be dealt with by a pharmacist, optician or a physiotherapist they will offer these alternatives.

Routine appointments

If your medical issue is not urgent, booking a routine appointment is most appropriate and also helps to maintain continuity of care. These would usually booked at least a week in advance

Same-day appointments

A duty doctor is on call every day to deal with more urgent problems. You will need to call from 8am on weekdays to ask for a same-day appointment. The healthcare professional will call you back within 2 hours and will arrange to see you face to face when needed.


e consults can be used for both medical and administrative queries. Access the form via our website and once submitted we will respond within 2 working days.

Make an appointment over the phone Tel:

Make an appointment online

To make an appointment online, you must be registered for online services.

Register for online services To register for online services, please download the NHS app

Healthcare Services

We offer a full range of NHS health services.

COVID-19 vaccinations

To access the vaccine registration with a GP surgery is encouraged.

The NHS has published a comprehensive set of FAQs for university students. These include questions about the following and more:

· how to get a vaccine if you don’t have an NHS number

· how to access walk-in vaccinations

· what to do if you’re an international student who has had the first dose of a vaccine not available in the UK Access the COVID-19 vaccination FAQs for students in higher education.

Mental health services

Our health care professionals are all trained to support you if you are experiencing difficulities with your mental wellbeing.

We also have close linkes with psychologists and psychiatry, should this be needed

Universities have multiple options for psychological support and we can help sign post you to these


If you are already prescribed contraception and need a repeat, you can complete this self-assessment form here [link]

If you would like to discuss starting or changing your contraception please book a routine appointment through reception.

[link for NHS pages about contraception]

Emergency contraception can be accessed by requesting a same day appointment, or from some local pharmacies. More information [link]

Sexual health

Please complete an e consult if you would like a screen for chlamydia or gonorrhoea (self test) or HIV and we will arrange this for you.

For other local sexual health can be found here [link]

Medical Conditions affecting your studies

You must follow your university’s regulations if you miss lectures, a coursework or assessment deadline or an exam. If you think you might miss a deadline, you must follow these regulations before the deadline for that coursework passes. .

If you do not feel well enough to sit an exam or assesment then you must contact your school prior to the start of the exam. You do not need to see a doctor or nurse to prove to the university that you were unwell in the day of the exam.

Medical certificates will only be issued for illness lasting longer than 7 days.

If you need a medical certificate or letter for extenuating circumstances, please complete this online form [coming soon]

Please note, provision of letters for your university is a non-NHS service and a fee will apply.

Information for parents and carers of registered patients

Having your son or daughter move away to University can be worrying, especially if they already have established healthcare needs. Here are some frequently asked questions.

My son/daughter has an on-going medical condition. Should he/she stay registered at his home GP practice?

We always recommend registering with a practice near their place of study. We can refer patients to specialists in local hospitals. Please ask your son/daughter/ to bring their most recent clinic letters with them and book a routine appointment with one of our doctors when have their first appointment with us.

What should my son/daughter do about repeat medication?

Please ask your son/daughter to book a routine appointment with one of our clinicians to discuss their medication. Please ensure that they have sufficient medication with them when they arrive to start their studies to keep them going until they have an appointment.

Can I speak to Students’ Health about my son/daughter’s medical problems?

Now that your son/daughter is an adult we are unable to discuss any medical issue with you without their consent. However, many students choose to allow their family to discuss their medical issues. They need to confirm this in writing with us when they register or when they talk to a GP, and we will put it on their records. Otherwise, you can always contact us to let us know important information, even if we can’t divulge information to you.

How does my son/daughter arrange their medication needs over the university vacation periods.

We can supply medication over the holidays and can send electronic prescriptions on-line to most UK locations except Wales and Northern Ireland.

My son/daughter is taking medication for their ADHD. Will they be able to get this medication from the Students’ Health Service?

Yes but please make sure that they bring any documents confirming their diagnosis from their home consultant

I have concerns about my son/daughter’s healthcare. What should I do?

If you have concerns, you can let us know via [email protected] and this information will be forwarded to their usual GP to make them aware. Please note however, that the GP will not be able to provide a response unless your son or daughter has given their consent for us to discuss their medical care with you.

Information for international students

The UK has the National Health Service (NHS). The NHS is a publicly-funded system which provides healthcare for residents in the UK.

Eligibility for NHS treatment

You should be covered by the NHS if you have paid the immigration surcharge for your current period of immigration permission, or if your course lasts six months or more and you are an EEA national with a European Health Card.

If your course lasts less than six months you are not covered by the NHS. You should take out medical insurance to cover medical costs. You will also need to pay for any medicines prescribed by a doctor. The UKCISA website has more information about eligibility and medical costs.–Advice/Studying–living-in-the-UK/Health-and-healthcare#layer-3209

Before you arrive you will need to:

· Arrange to get yourself immunised against measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and meningitis ACWY before you leave.

· Visit your dentist and / or optician before leaving home – dental and eye care can be expensive in the UK.

· Consider health insurance so you are covered for medical costs before you register as a student at University.

· Bring details in English of any past physical or mental illness requiring medical treatment.

· Bring a full record of past immunisations, in English.

· If you are an EEA national, bring your European Health Card.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition we advise you to:

· Bring a summary of your medical records with you, including diagnosis and treatment details ideally translated into English.

· If have a serious illness or you are currently undergoing treatment or investigation, bring a Doctor’s letter in English, summarising your medical history.

· Find out whether you can get your medicine in the UK. If you cannot get your medicine in the UK, bring enough for the duration of your stay.